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A recent study published in the journal, Maternal and Child Health, found social support affects a mother's likelihood of reaching out for professional help. Half of the 200 women surveyed believed they met criteria for a postpartum mood concern. Women with greater support were more likely to disclose their symptoms to a medical provider. However, more than 30 percent of mothers in the study said they lacked a confidant, making it harder for them to talk about their problems.

Our "SISTERHOOD" program strives to support women on their motherhood journey. Expectant moms and new moms can be matched with a "sister". These sisters aim to welcome new moms to motherhood with open ears and a kind heart as advocates and friends. We start this conversation with a Welcome Mom Box.

Contact us to be paired with a sister or to find out how to become a sister.

It is important that we provide the best possible mentorship opportunity for moms, one that is supported by research. For this reason, mentorship training is provided, modeled after PSI and 2020 Mom "models that made it", including "Mothers and Babies" curriculum.

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Fill out this form to find out how to become a mentor to a new mom in your community.

I want a "sister"

Find out how to receive additional one-on-one support from another mom

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