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"I wanted to share what I consider to be a pretty big 'mom mental health win' for myself. We talked a couple months ago about how when you’re in the early months and things are hard, you don’t have any perspective on motherhood yet to know that most of the tough times are a fairly short stage and I remember saying that I wish I would’ve just relaxed a little more early on when [my baby] was going through a tough stage. Well, right when the time change happened, [my baby] hit the 8 month sleep regression hard and then got sick shortly after that. It was a triple whammy for terrible sleep. I had just been thinking that maybe I actually could handle having another kid... and then was freaking out that I probably can’t handle a second after a couple weeks of very unpredictable sleep. Throughout that time, though, I kept thinking back to our conversation and reminding myself that it’s just a stage. And even before [my baby's] sleep got back on track my mood improved significantly and I just told myself I can handle this! And I have been!"

"When I became a new mom I was isolated by location and I didn’t have any friends with a baby. Having a meetup I could rely on to get out of the house, meet other moms, get advice, and feel less alone were a lifeline during the first year but especially at the beginning. I am looking forward to attending with my second child later this year."

"I only made it to a handful of meetups, but the first one I went to was at Brewed and a lot of mommas were breastfeeding and it was an awesome environment for me to learn how to and get comfortable breast feeding in public! Definitely made a difference for me!"

"I’ve been to several meet ups. Sometimes there are just a few of us moms and sometimes there are upwards of 20 mommas. It’s a wonderful time where you can get (and give) support from other moms who understand what you are going through. I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime and look forward to every meetup we get to attend!"

"Meeting other moms who know EXACTLY how you're feeling is priceless. I'm not sure I could have made it through this last year without the mama warriors I met!"

"I wanted to reach out and say thank you for your support at mom squad meetup.


I’d been attending the meetups for 4-5 weeks, but hadn’t connected with anyone enough to make plans outside of those events or exchange phone numbers. After last week, I now have phone numbers of 5-10 moms and have had plans to get out of the house with other moms every day this week, including a great walk, which might become a regular thing! 


My big learning was that my expectations of myself and of [my baby] were very high. By acknowledging that and letting things go and giving myself credit for where we are, I’ve been able to better manage myself.


Thanks for creating a space for moms to share and connect and for encouraging me to be vulnerable."

2018-2019 Impact
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